Welcome to the new online home for my journal and photos. I’m new to WordPress so please forgive me for constantly tinkering and breaking things here! Advice is welcome.

Support a Cause

Our big family has a lot going on! This site is young and it may take some time for me to share it all. In the mean time here is a place for things near and dear to our hearts:

Our oldest is studying Mandarin in Nanjing this summer. He earned a full scholarship and has been fundraising a ticket and funds to make it happen. Help if you can.

About the O’Melays

I’m Tabitha. I live in Berkeley, CA, USA with my five kids and my husband, Karl.

There we are in 2000!

Karl and I met in California, had a couple of kids, moved to Missouri to live on a farm of our own making, had a couple more kids, moved back to California, bought a house in Berkeley, and had one more kid. That bring us to the present.

The kids, Easter 2017

We love Berkeley and feel at home here. Karl works in solar and is a passionate environmentalist and DIYer. I am a home-birthing, homeschooling, homemaking geek who loves her children. This is why, now that some are in school and even -gasp!- involved in competitive sports, I’m also one of those school moms who wears school colors and goes to as many regattas as she can.

Row, row, row your boat…





K just offered her services as a babysitter.  How can this be? And yet, she is the most qualified person imaginable for the job. I trust her completely. I’m wowed by her daily; her nurturing spirit and her attentive ways surpass me. She’ll be great.

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Email is the best way to reach me: tomelay@gmail.com