The drawings, details and sketches.

The food storage will be directly adjacent to the kitchen. A root cellar partially dug in & partially bermed earth over a earth bag construction arched dome. This will have a gravel floor & storage shelves on all walls & decending the stairs to accomodate the different temperatures of different foods. The deep freezer will have a vent tube buried in the berm to the outside to keep compressor heat from damaging pantry food.

The Kitchen & dining area adjoin the common area. Cooking at our house likes to be a family affair. Windows above the sink will look over the herb garden. A butcher block pullout under the counter will add to the food preparation area. The dining area right next to the kitchen will afford even larger food prep area for holiday meals and canning of the garden vegtables.

The common area will house the very small T.V. & movie playing devices. Cob benches, one of which will be partially heated by the wood stove, will face the center of the common area. A fairly large open space will keep everyone from getting cramped.

The king sized bed will be raised on a flue heated bed of cob. There will be two entrances to the sleeping area so family members can come & go without disturbing each other. The morning sun will shine in to wake everyone to their day. Access to the closet-dressing area will be easy and in a pinch the T.V. can be seen from there too.

The closet-dressing area will have plenty of hanging and shelving storage for clothes and shoes. The instant water heater and wood stove will be just next to the closet in a utility thoroughfare. The back door will be close by for easy wood loading.

The bathroom will have a very large bath tub-shower. Large linen cupboard will store all bathing needs. I hope to include a towel warmer to keep all the towels dry and cozy. A semi seperate toilet alcove will allow family to use the other amenities in the bath room while the toilet is in use with door pulled all the way open closing off the toilet.

The back door foyer will be cob riddled with windows. A cob bench will make shoe removal easy. A coat rack and the washer & drier will also share that space. the water heater might end up there as well. These noisy machines should be sound buffered in this location keeping the house peaceful.

The kids/computer/sewing/library/ craft room will serve many purposes. Shelves, cupoards and closets will manage the different purposes nicely. As the kids get older we'll add on "private" rooms for them, most likely to the north east adjoining the foyer- "the kids wing".

The green house will be home for the solar fountain, plenty of planting shelves and likely a second bathtub/shower. The cleanout for the wood stove horizontal flue will be easy from here too. This won't be started until the rest of the house is completed.

Root cellar
Kitchen & Dining
Common area
King Bed
Closet dressing area
Green House